Ashdown Guitar Magnifier - Our award winning range of hand crafted UK Custom Shop guitar amps, using the finest components available - True valve tone combined with modern reliability and features.

Designed by renowned British valve guru Dave Green the AGM (Ashdown Guitar Magnifier) range has been carefully considered, designed and constructed for the modern world where portability, low power options and real valve tones are paramount. Each and every AGM is built to order from our factory in the UK.

AGM Series Models

AGM5C The AGM-5CM is designed for genuine tonal purists wanting luscious British valve driven guitar tones but at home/studio friendly volume levels combined with a host of modern player friendly features yet dripping in vintage tonality. The AGM-5C offers crisp and clear clean tones with real warmth, depth and sparkle but dial up the gain and you will soon be in hard rock heaven with heavily overdriven touch sensitive sounds available. The AGM-5C produces 5 watts of all valve power which is delivered via a carefully chosen Celestion 12" Creamback G12-65 M premium speaker.

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AGM112 The AGM112 features the G12M-65 which produces the familiar woody G12M tone, but handles greater power making it ideally suited for today's amps, when a vintage tone is desired. Ashdown Guitar Magnifier 1 x 12" Cabinet.
Premium Ply Lightweight Construction
Celestion 12” G12M-65 Creamback Speaker
16 Ohm, 65 watt power handling
Metal corner protection
Semi Open Back

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AGM284C With easy to dial in tones via simple controls and an intuitive 4 band EQ the AGM-284 does it all from classic shimmering reverb laden clean tones through biting classic rock crunch to full on hard rock tones full of rich harmonic overtones making this amp perfect for a wide range of players whatever the genre. The perfect choice as grab and go combo for rehearsals and small to medium gigs.

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AGM684C At the heart of The AGM-684 lies a truly magical power section made up of 6 x EL84 power valves, running in Class A –AB 1 (cathode bias system). This feature allows guitarists to replace output valves (should the need arise) without having to call on a tech to re-bias the amplifier. Plug and play at it’s best giving you a great tone, gig after gig.With 45 watts of smooth harmonically rich tone and six differing output power levels via Triode/pentode switching the 684's sweet spot is easy to find, whatever the gig.

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AGM210 For true vintage tonality, clarity and definition the AGM210 cabinet is semi open back and features a pair of Jensen P10R speakers.The P10R is very important in the history of Jensen speakers. Its shimmering, yet throaty and vibrant tone is one of the signatures of the Tweed era and inspired the start-up of the British tones. The P10R is the speaker that contributed to the magical tone of the 4x10 Bassman® Tweed amps, the 4x10 Super Tweed Amps and the equally mythical 3x10 Bandmaster® amps.

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AGM212 The AGM212 cabinets are constructed using premium lightweight ply to cut the weight but not the tone, after extensive testing we found that the Celestion 12” G12M-65 Creamback speakers sounded the best when paired with the AGM amplifiers such as the AGM-484 head and the AGM 30-Offset. The G12M-65 Creamback produces the familiar woody G12M tone, but handles greater power making it ideally suited for today's amps, when a vintage tone is desired.

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AGM30OFFSET Inspired by legendary British and American guitar amplifiers of the 60s and 70s, the AGM-30 Offset is a truly timeless and supremely versatile all valve guitar amplifier. American vintage cleans and pushed British crunch tones through to more modern higher gain tones are all available. Power can be reduced at the push of the Stealth button from 30 watts right down to a bedroom/studio friendly 2 watts.

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